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The following files are available for you to download and use in University communications. It’s important to note that while these assets are here to help you get started, they must be used within our brand guidelines. If you have questions, please get in touch with us at:

Visual Assets
Defy Gravity Mark

The official Defy Gravity mark is available in a variety of formats for print and digital use.


The Caret

This design element symbolizes exponential power and upward momentum. Use it to enhance your communication materials.


Brand Video

The short and shareable “Together, We Can Defy Gravity” video.

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Social Cover Photos

Keep your social pages up-to-date and on-brand. Sizes are available for all platforms.


Virtual Backgrounds

Customize your virtual meeting experience with a selection of Defy Gravity visuals.


Word Templates

A range of Defy Gravity branded Word templates are available for download, including customization instructions.

For access to the InDesign versions, contact


PowerPoint Template

A Defy Gravity branded PowerPoint template for creating dynamic presentations.


Email Signature

Assets to create customized signatures for each individual across colleges, faculties, and divisions.


Video Bumpers

We have developed a series of video bumpers that you can download to integrate into your video assets. Browse the bumper styles and download using the links below.

Defy Gravity Bumpers

With black-background and white-background versions available, you can apply these bumpers to a wide range of videos across campuses, divisions, and departments. 

Password: defygravity

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Tri-Campus Bumpers

Includes footage of our three campuses to support tri-campus representation and can be used across the University by campuses, divisions, and departments.

Password: defygravity

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Dynamic Caret Bumpers

These bumpers (two length options) celebrate the breadth and depth of research and activities that can only happen at U of T with a series of dynamic clips. You can use them as-is, or if required, you can request the working files for footage customization.

Password: defygravity

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Merchandise Catalogue

We’ve developed a wide range of exciting branded merchandise—from t-shirts to pens and even socks! Explore our catalogue to order and customize pieces for your specific needs. Updated as of April 2023.


A selection of Defy Gravity branded merchandise including a t-shirt, totebag, mug, notebook and hat.
Event Signage

We have created six pop-up banners and a step-and-repeat wall with Defy Gravity branding. If you wish to borrow any of these items to use at an event or would like the working files to create your own, please email

Additional Resources

A collection of previously developed assets and guidelines are available for you to explore and download.

We’re Just Getting Started

As we roll out our new brand, the details and contents of this site will change and evolve. Check back frequently for updates.


If you have questions about the new University brand, this portal, or something not included here, please contact us at: